We are Putska,
A family Business that loves to make elegant baby products

Our Vision

Welcome to Putska Baby Essentials! We are Lily and Ben, founders of Putska, a place to find must-have baby products that are stylish, modern, and practical and, more importantly, are made without compromises.

Our Mission

We want you and your baby to enjoy our products the way our baby does and for you to feel satisfaction, pleasure, and peace of mind as your baby grows. Feel free to contact us and share your opinion, thoughts, and ideas.

Who We Are

You want the best for your little baby, without compromises - so do we!

We are Lily and Ben and we founded Putska when our second baby was born. As experienced parents, we knew exactly what we need and more importantly what our little one needs and likes.

We started a family company dedicated to producing baby essentials tailored to our needs and our baby needs. Our products are made from environmentally-friendly materials and non-toxic organic fabrics to keep our babies safe. They are designed to be simple and clean, yet chic and stylish, to fit every baby girl or boy.

We make our products the best we possibly can and want to share them with you.

Thank you for choosing Putska ♥

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