How To Convince A Toddler To Start Using The Potty, Even If He Is Scared Of It

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Have you tried potty training your child and it just isn’t going well?

Some children are very fearful of using the potty. You, as the parent, will be able to tell what your child fears by finding out what the fear is.

Some common concerns are the flushing noise, the water in the potty or fear of falling in the potty. While there are many ways to convince your toddler, be sure to address the fear.

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Here are eight simple methods to help make it easier for both you and your child: 

  1. Start practicing using the toilet around the age of two. Go out and purchase a small potty chair or a potty seat that fits over the regular sized toilet. Bring the potty chair into the room that your child spends most of their time in on a day or weekend when you have some free time.
  2. Clear your schedule before starting to potty train your child. Pick a time when you know that you and your family’s routine it least likely to be disturbed with vacations, guests, moving to a new house, and so on.
  3. Decide what words you will use to describe body parts, urine, and bowel movements. Try not to use words like “dirty,” “stinky,” or “naughty.” Using these negative terms can make your child feel self-conscience and ashamed.
  4. Use your child’s favorite action figure or doll on a pretend potty, explaining, “the baby is going pee in the potty.” Put diapers on their favorite stuffed bear and then eventually graduate the bear to underwear.
  5. Discuss with your child the advantages of being potty trained. Talk to them about not having diaper rashes anymore, not having to take time away from playing to have their diaper changed and the wonderful feeling of being clean and dry. Help them understand that potty training is a crucial stage of growing up.
  6. Use books and videos to help your child understand the process of potty training and see other children learning to use the potty. There are lots of books and videos available online or in your local bookstore. Let your child look at their favorite book while sitting on the potty to help the minutes pass by.
  7. Get out your calendar and declare a potty day; This is the day that your child would like to start potty training. Use a bright color and circle that date. Keep reminding them that “potty day” is almost here.
  8. Does your son or daughter like to unroll the toilet paper? Try squashing the roll so that the cardboard roll inside is no longer round. This way, it will not unroll as quickly. Also, little ones who are potty training will not get too much paper per pull on the roll.

Usually, it takes several practice sessions for a child to understand what they are supposed to be doing and be totally potty trained. Just remember to keep trying, your child will eventually understand and be successful.

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