Checklist for New Moms- 5 Must Haves for All To-Be Moms

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Ever since you found out that you are having a baby, you would have started making a list of things you will need for your baby.

The main mush-haves include diapers, strollers, feeding bottles, and other baby necessities that include clothes, etc. Still, among all these things, new moms often forget about other essential things only because either it is their first time or because no-one seemed to point out.

So, for all those moms to best out there, here is a list of five must-have items that every mom needs for her baby!

1. Baby Diaper Caddy Organizer 

Believe it or not, a diaper caddy organizer is a fantastic product. Once your baby is here, you will need a lot of space for your baby's clothes, diapers, feeding bottles, etc. You won't believe how much stuff you will need for a little soul. Having a lot of things means needing a lot of space. So, this is where a baby diaper caddy organizer will help you out. Thanks to the many compartments, sturdy design, and material, a diaper caddy makes your life easier. Although many brands are producing high-quality diaper caddies, PutskA Baby Diaper Caddy Organizer offers the ultimate solution. It is portable, has several compartments of different sizes, and has a sturdy construction. As a result, you can store all the basic baby necessities in one place. How awesome is that?

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2. Pacifier Clips

Pacifiers for babies are among the basic baby necessities. But let me honestly, how many times have you picked up the pacifier and washed it. It is quite annoying, isn't it? That's where the pacifier clip comes in. this small piece of equipment allows you to clip the pacifier to the baby's clothes. As a result, as the baby loses his grip, the pacifier doesn't fall off. Most moms don't pay attention to pacifier clips, but they are a must-have product!

Check out cute collection of PutskA Baby Pacifier clips

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3. Potty Training Chart

Potty training is a significant milestone, and you won't reach it until your baby is around 2 to 3 years of age. However, once they are ready to leave the diaper, that's when your work will begin. Potty training is not an easy transition, and to master it correctly, kids need rewards and recognition. Therefore, to develop a successful plan and to motivate the kids regularly, you can use a colourful potty-training chart. This chart will help you monitor the progress of your kid, and it will also encourage them to perform better. In short, it is a fun way to train your kid. 

Check the PustkA Potty Training Charts Collection


4. Baby Bathtub

You might think you can give your baby a bath in the sink or a tub, but it is not as easy as it seems. Especially when you have a newborn, you require assistance. Not every mom has the luxury of having assistance; that's why it is ideal to buy a baby bathtub. It is super convenient. Nowadays, baby bathtubs come in different shapes and are made from soft plush material that is super comfortable for your newborn. And the best part is you can easily place them in the sink.

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5. Nursing Pillow

You might think your regular pillows will be enough for nursing sessions, but they are not. Nursing sessions can be tiring especially if you have a bad poster. Therefore, you need a nursing pillow. The pillow not only helps to keep a good posture during nursing sessions but can also be used for baby's tummy time later.

Although a mom-to-be needs a lot of necessary stuff, the things mentioned above are among the most practical and useful items a new mom needs.

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