How to style your baby with Bandana Bibs / Pacifier Clip

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When looking for baby essentials, you will have several things on your list. There are diapers, diaper bags, feeding bottles, basic clothes, changing sheets, organizers, napkins, etc., among the many things, we often neglect the small baby essentials like bibs and pacifier clips. We all want our baby to look at his best every time and think that style is impossible with these two things. However, it isn't the case.

Bibs are a basic baby essential. They are super important since the baby is born. Because babies not just drool but vomit, bibs help keep the drools and vomit off the baby's dress. Changing a bib is far more convenient than changing a whole dress. Whether you have a baby boy or a baby girl, you will find several types of baby drool bibs. These bibs come in different colours, shapes and sizes depending upon your needs and baby’s age.

Today, baby drool bibs aren’t used just for catching baby drools. In fact, they are used as an accessory to dress up your kid. Among the different types of bibs, bandana bibs look super cute and chic. That’s because they are different from the usual semi-circular shape. Bandana bis are a triangular piece of cloth. You can wrap it around your baby’s neck and tie from behind. The front will become a triangular piece of fabric. The best thing about the bandana bibs is that they come in different colours and patterns. So, whether you have a baby boy or girl, you can buy other bibs to match with their outfits. It looks super chic.

Now the thing about bandana bibs is that you can use them with almost every baby outfit. Here are a few ideas for you to try:

cute Baby bandana bib

  • Bandana bibs look great with summer tees and a pair of jeans or shorts. Top it up with a P-cap, and the look is complete. And if you want to play a little with style, don't keep the bandana in the centre from the front. Skid it a little to either right or left. It will look stylish.
  • Even if its winders, you can totally replace regular semi-circular drool bibs with banana bibs. They look so cute with a sweater. Add a pompom beanie and your baby will be the cutest thing you have ever seen.
  • If you can’t find patterned bandanas, go for single tones. Monochrome colours go perfect with every colour. However, you can buy blues for boy and pinks for the girls.
  • Bandana is not just for catching drool. It is a style. So, even if you have toddlers, you can still use bandana bibs. And no one will know why you are using it! It is like killing two birds with one stone.
  • Onesies, headbands and bandanas. Imagine how cute these three things will look together. Try it out! And I am sure the site of your baby girl will make your heart melt. Get your cameras out!

Pack of pacifier clips and bandana bibs

Now baby drool bibs aren’t just the only baby essential. The list is very long. So, another essential baby item that you should have is the pacifier clip or a teether clip. Several babies use pacifiers, and almost all use teethers. They come in different styles. In fact, you can get a pacifier in which you can place a slice of fruit for the baby to such in its juice. However, the parents know the struggle behind using pacifiers or teethers. Babies continuously keep on dropping it. And finding it, washing it every time is a continuous struggle. You might have tried using thread or pins to keep the pacifier within reach but honestly, where is the style in it! If you are looking for the right way to keep the pacifier on your baby every time, I suggest you buy a pacifier clip or a teether clip. It is usually in the form of a thread that has a clip on one side attached to the baby's clothes. On the other side, you can attach a pacifier or teether. So, when the baby drops either of the things, it doesn't fall on the ground; instead, it suspends. It is highly convenient and saves you a lot of time and trips to the water tap.

Here are a few ways you can use these clips and style your kids:

beautiful pacifier clip

  • You can easily clip these to your kid’s rompers. You can look for a clip that has a character in it. It will look like a broch.
  • You can clip the clipper onto the inner side of the drool bib. This way, you can hide the clip, and the pacifier will still be on your baby. Also, this way, your baby won't be pulling the clipper thread every time. Note that you never clip it to the bib ties. Babies have a habit of pulling the pacifier clips. And there are chances your baby will hurt himself if the clip is tied to the bib tie near the neck.
  • Pacifier clippers also come with beads. These beads come in different colours, and they look super cute. You can get these in earthy or pastel tones to match with your baby's dresses.
  • You can also attach the clipper to your kid's car seat and stroller. It is also a convenient place where it will stay safe and within reach of the kid.

There are many benefits of pacifier clips. These are convenient, and save the products from falling to the ground and disappearing. Furthermore, these clippers also keep the babies interested. I've seen many babies leaving their toys and placing with these clips. It is a simple yet fantastic product for babies.

When you are out shopping for baby essential, make sure you have these two products on your list. These products may seem unimportant, but these have a massive part in making your life easy and keeping your baby happy, stylish and unbelievably cute every time!

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